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Have to write somewhere right?
I'm sitting at my kitchen table right now, and I can easily see out the window, we've definitely got some of the white stuff on the ground. Its still early December, but for this to be the first snowfall, that's pretty impressive, considering I live in northern Ontario.

For me, snow is what makes the holidays, of course, once Christmas is over, I kind of get over the snow, but for now, I love it. Everything always looks so much different when its covered with snow, kind of like how everything looks so much different at night. I love to drive around at night and look at all the different decorations.

I don't really have a point in writing any of this, I just kind of want to write.
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I thought that I would give Livejournal one more shot.
Also, being as interested as I am in penpals, I`ve heard a lot about LJ with communities and such so I thought I'd give it another shot.

Definitely still new at this.

More to come,


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